Tips for keeping children safe online

International Children’s Day is 1 June, and to mark the occasion, computer security firm ESET has published a list of tips to help keep children safe online.

Although aimed at keeping youngsters safe, the tips cover the basics that anyone can follow to improve security online, and the same principles of awareness in combination with security and monitoring tools can be applied in the business environment.


– Ensure anti-virus and security software is always kept up to date

– Set clear rules about the use of computers

– Be vigilant and monitor your child’s internet connection: set a password and allow children to surf the web only during the times when you can periodically check on their online activities.

– Make children aware of the importance of privacy and that they should never supply personal data and details to strangers on the web and social networks.

– Control the web camera because it can be easily misused by criminals and strangers. Turn off or unplug your webcam when you are not using it.

– Monitor browser history: deleted history might be a reason to sit down and have a  talk

– On Facebook, if you or your child shares the wall with “Everyone” or “Friends of friends” then you have lost control of who has access to all data.

– The information posted on the internet does not go away. Do not assume that when you delete a photo or even the whole social network account that you have automatically deleted all the data forever. Pictures and information might be already saved on someone else’s computer. Children and parents should think twice about which pictures and details  to put on the Internet.