The man who tamed chaos

So Benoit Mandelbrot, the man who managed to describe Nature in a simply mathmatical formula (z = z² + c) is dead, at 85, from cancer.
The former IBM Fellow invented fractal geometry, a discipline that underpins our current understanding of  chaos, or how things become and behave in real life. These range from the behaviour of stock markets to the formation of galaxies to the development of a foetus to the shape of trees.
In the process he was the godfather to millions of strangely hypnotic images that exhibit the same patterns at all scales.
His insight came while studying the frequency of errors in transmission in IBM computer systems. Rather than at random, the errors ocurred in groups. Looking into the group, he discovered that these groups or patterns were replicated at all scales, such as minutes, hours, weeks or even decades. He wrote up his ideas in a seminal essay, How long is the coast of Britian? in 1967.