SAP acknowledges need to work more closely with customers

SAP has acknowledged the need to work more closely with customers at the UK&I SAP User Group Conference 2011 in Birmingham, where the software maker has come under fire for not making the interaction process simpler.

SAP’s new executive sponsor for the UK & Ireland User Group, Colin Sharp, who is also director of business user and solution sales SAP UK, told attendees that the “profound” rate of change and innovation at SAP alone makes effective and efficient communication a necessity.

“We need to work more closely with user groups to get the messaging around innovation across to users as well as get feedback about what we are doing right and what we are doing wrong,” he said.

Sharp believes that ever user of SAP should be a member of an SAP user group, going as far as to say that from now on, SAP will encourage new customers to sign up.

He also committed to working hard to ensure that the problems highlighted at the conference around Customer Connection, SAP’s newest engagement programme, are ironed out.

“Every SAP employ is tasked with customer satisfaction; it is a key measurement,” said Sharp.