PR gets in the poo over Christmas fart

Sorry about the toilet humour at Christmas but I cannot resists passing on the details of a clever PR mind trick. These are used to get journalists to open emails.

This one worked on that front, but an unecessary apology email made it irresistible.

Downtime received a press release this week that told me that a company was more about solids than warm air when it comes to its green strategy.

A PR was so keen to do something different to get a press released noticed she sunk to the depths. In theory describing her client’s green strategy as being more about poo than farts was a good idea. It got our attention

She followed through, oh I mean followed up with an apology, which was not required, which was digging the hole even deeper and quite literally putting her further up that well known creak without a paddle.

The follow up email:

“Hello all

I apologise for my previous email, it was a bit vulgar and I think I was just carried away with festive joviality! I would like to stress that the ‘all fart and no poo’ comment has nothing to do with **client** and should certainly in no way be attributed to them – it was just me trying to add an interesting (however misguided my humour may be) subject for my email to get people’s attention and is not intended to be printed. I’ll probably be sacked if it is printed!

In hindsight, maybe it wasn’t the greatest idea in the world! Hope I haven’t offended anyone.”


We hope this person is not sacked but congratulated on a new angle to a s**t story.