Overview of today's IT efficiency announcements: data access and online services

After years in the wilderness, technology really has become a bit of a buzzword in government.
Today’s Putting the Frontline First report provides technical answers to the all important question of how to improve services while cutting costs.
The government wants everything to go online – all public transactions, including benefits, tax returns and changing your address. By 2014, it expects nearly all services to be available via the internet.
And next year it’s making a huge amount of public data available for free. It hopes all those enterprising techie types floating around the web will be able to make use of the data sets, trawling the information to produce things like iPhone apps and web-based services.
Sir Tim Berners-Lee was commissioned by the government to produce a single access point for all this data, and reckons this access will be good for the UK economy.

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