Ofcom offline

The UK’s communications regulator Ofcom was off-line for the whole of today due to fault in the Colt Telecommunications network.

Officials at Colt declined to say how many others were affected, but Ofcom’s web site and e-mail services were off-line. There was no indication when the service would be restored.

The outage prevented Ofcom from issuing written statements about the day’s big news, the proposed merger of the merger between T-Mobile UK and Orange UK mobile networks.

It also stopped journalists from looking up key background reports on the UK’s mobile market from Ofcom’s web site. “It’s very inconvenient,” one Ofcom official said.

The outage comes just two weeks after Colt joined the Open Cloud Manifesto, an attempt to set industry standards for cloud computing.

Colt said at the time it was urging such standards “to address issues that are of real concern to businesses such as risk management, compliance, data retention, security and business continuity”.  

Managing director of Colt Managed Services Maggy McClelland said then that the industry was “too focussed (sic) on technological and technical debates”.

“It is our customers’ business issues that motivates or restrict them from adopting cloud services and it is, therefore, imperative that any regulation or standardisation addresses these requirements,” she said.