Net rumours abound over new Apple offering

10 am PST will see Apple open a highly anticipated news conference regarding what is widely expected to be new takes on the familiar family of Apple laptops, including talk of a laptop that will be sub $900.

Digg is awash with sites offering insight into their take on what will be unveiled, and there are blurred photos of what is supposed to be the new design.

The main point of interest to me is the price point, what it could mean for their market share, and how this would affect the market in general.

Cupertino will be awash with the twittering and blogging of many a journo in a few hours. In the meantime why not dive into the plethora of hoohah that the net is awash with over this impending announcement, and give us your opinion on what you think Apple will offer, or your thoughts on what they end up offering.