Long hours culture in IT really is bad for your health

The long hours culture prevalent in many IT departments really is damaging to your health. A major research project has shown that people who regularly work 10 or more hours a day are at much higher risk of a heart attack or other cardiovascular disease than those who work a normal 7 hour day. Scientists believe that the stress associated with long hours adversley affects the metabolic system – increasing the risk of heart problems by 60%. Lack of sleep, and not having enough time to unwind before you go bed are contributory factors. All of this is probably comes as no surprise to IT professionals, who are used to late nights and early starts, particularly during project roll-outs. But its findings should give employers and employees pause for thought. Deadlines have to be met, but no one really benefits from a long hours culture.  

You can read an abstract of study from the European Heart Journal here

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