It's all fun 'til someone loses a nad

Aren’t things getting a little silly over in the Valley? Someone spat at Michael Arrington of TechCrunch (we don’t know why) and then we learn the poor guy has had to spend $2000 a day on protection for him and his family after he had received death threats.

Is it a result of the nosediving economy combined with increasingly desperate nature of startups? When Arrington won’t talk to them, they panic as they see any chance of getting their grubby little fingers on a sliver of the teensy VC pie that is left out there slipping away. Has desperation turned the once spend happy start up folks into potential homicidal maniacs?

Either way – no one should have their lives threatened.


Valleywag are in the canine crap house after publishing a tip that the Sainted Steve Jobs was under the knife at a private hospital. Given the current hoo-haa, it’s plausible, but apparently Mr Jobs was actually attending a meeting at Apple HQ at the time. Oops! Now, I have been to some boring meetings in my time, but never felt like my guts were being cut open….We say “valleywag, give the guy a bit of space, already..”

The World Economic Forum meeting has given the worsening financial situation proper respect. It’s participants were spotted wearing “more muted colours”, and “less bling” it seems. I don’t know about you – but I feel more confident already! Where’s my credit card so I can spend my way out of the mire? economist type people wear bling? What next, accountants not wearing ties?