IT makes a great career for young people

In his latest guest blog, Matthew Poyiadgi, european vice president of CompTIA, looks at why a career in IT is worthwhile.

IT is not only exciting, but it offers everything that young people look for in a career.

  • It’s well paid. Starting salaries for entry level roles are typically £16,000 to £23,000 – competitive with most graduate schemes. And these don’t all depend on expensive degrees; such salaries can be attained by school leavers with IT skills, backed by relevant industry certifications. These wages rise quickly, with Chief Information Officers able to earn well over £100,000 per year.
  • In an uncertain world, IT represents a fairly secure profession. The UK IT industry needs over 110,000 new entrants per year, according to e-skills. IT is increasingly critical to business, so demand is unlikely to drop any time soon.
  • IT is international. Most places use similar IT systems, so skills and certifications in the UK will be valid almost anywhere. Australia, New Zealand and Singapore, for example, have programmes to actively attract qualified IT professionals.
  • IT professionals are the first people to use new technology and the people able to get the most out of it. We have no idea what revolutionary things technology will enable us to do over the next few years, but whatever it is, IT people will be at the forefront of it.

With all these benefits, it’s genuinely surprising that we struggle to attract people. It’s not that we have nothing to offer, it’s that we aren’t offering it in the right way. It’s frustrating to think how many talented people are out there, not knowing what to do with their lives or doing work that bores them. If we could just reach them and tell them about the exciting world of IT, I’ve no doubt a lot of them would be very interested in this rewarding and fulfilling career.

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