IT departments: communication breakdown?

They say that no man is an island. But it seems someone forgot to tell this piece of wisdom to IT professionals.


In fact, it seems that if IT staff do not become more aligned with the needs of the rest of the organisations, they will risk bringing the whole business under.


“When I talk to CEOs so many regard work in the IT department as an external organisation. So when they want a new project done they are treated as just another supplier. In my view, that is a good way to go out of business,” said Clive Clive Longbottom, service director at analyst Quocirca at the 360IT event in London.


David Chan, director for information leadership at City University London, said IT professionals can be their own worst enemy. “The major thing they need to do is think organisation first not function first. I meet so many IT professionals who will tell you what they do and not even mention the organisation. Which doesn’t seem to be the case when you meet other professionals.

“It’s a turbulent environment. Very few people can plan more than 18 months ahead. So the ability to respond quickly is vital.”


For Marcus East, head of future media and technology at Comic Relief, it’s a question of sharing knowledge. “There’s a responsibility of education in the IT department, to enable the rest of the business to keep up with new ideas.


“IT should be like a Swiss army knife. It should be flexible and fully aligned with what the business wants to do.”


What do you think? Should IT departments make more effort to integrate with the rest of the business, or are enterprises failing to engage with them effectively?