Hack attack hits Twitter - but users safe in third-party apps

Twitter’s new site design overhaul has met a major hiccup in the form of a malicious hacker attack, which redirects users to external sites simply by hovering over a hyperlink.

According to the BBC, the URLs causing the trouble contain the Javascript code, “onmouseover”, which automatically redirects users to external pornography sites.

Speaking to the BBC, Graham Cluley, security expert at Sophos advised Twitter users to use third-party apps, such as TweetDeck, until the flaw is fixed.

Over at Computer Weekly, a couple of Twitter accounts were greyed out and frozen, continuing to retweet spam messages and causing “internal errors”. This was caused by moving the mouse over a URL at the top of the Twitter.com homepage.

Other internet reports claim users who haven’t moved to the new Twitter design are the ones experiencing problems.

With hackers exploiting Twitter loop-holes, this has new implications for the security of user accounts.