Facebook overtakes Google: What does it mean for business?

Facebook has overtaken Google for the first time, becoming the most used website by US users.
The Financial Times reported that the two sites accounted for 14 per cent of all internet traffic last week, with Facebook receiving 7.03 per cent and Google 7 per cent. The lead, while small, shows the shift from search to social web.
The hype around Twitter in 2009 took some attention off Facebook, but it still doubled its membership from 200m to 400m.
The trend shows the need for businesses to understand how social websites work, and how they might be best used within or for an organisation. If consumers and employees are flocking onto social sites like Facebook, how much of a role will they play in both consumption and business practices in five or ten years, and how do businesses adapt them to their needs? Social networks can fall as fast as they rise – as with MySpace – but the overall trend seems clear and the questions will need fast answers.