ESET, the award winning infosec firm UK still waking up to

ESET is an award winning information security firm that dates back to the first computer viruses, yet it is still under the radar of most UK business and consumers.

But ESET is working to change that as businesses look for alternatives to the big security suppliers to help identify and mitigate rapidly evolving threats, particularly in emerging technologies.

In the UK and other western states, East European malware expertise is more commonly associated with creating malicious code than analysing, detecting and defending against it.

But in Russia, Turkey – ESET’s two biggest markets with 13 million and 9 million users respectively – and a growing number of other countries, ESET’s credibility appears to be well-established.

The Bratislava-based Slovak firm has research centres in Slovakia, US, Canada, Poland, Russia, Argentina, Czech Republic and Singapore, and boasts 100 million users worldwide, €137m total direct sales in 2010, 524% growth in the past 5 years, 700 employees worldwide, and a growing list of awards.

ESET’s latest win is its fourth Advanced+ award in performance testing from research organisation AV-Comparatives.

ESET won the latest award, the highest level given by AV-Comparatives, by having the product with the least impact on system performance in a test that compared 20 antivirus products.

In making the latest award, Andreas Clementi, founder and chairman of AV-Comparatives said that over the years and throughout different tests, ESET has demonstrated its ability to develop high-performing security solutions that have a small impact on system performance.

This small footprint is linked to ESET’s approach to malware detection; it is generic, rather than specific, which means a single generic signature or pattern in its reference database can detect hundreds and sometimes thousands of variants.

According to the security firm, ESET has received more Advanced+ awards in retrospective tests than any other supplier for detection rates and low false positives. ESET has also received the most Virus Bulletin 100 awards since May 1998.

The company’s strategy to boost brand awareness is through innovation rather than intensive marketing, says Pavel Luka, chief technology officer at ESET.

Although ESET is primarily known in the consumer market, UK business can look to ESET as a highly responsive, extremely agile security supplier, according to UK-born Hudson Casson, director sales and marketing, ESET, EMEA.

ESET has a growing number of large business customers, he says, and in direct response to their feedback, several features are to be introduced in enterprise product releases planned for the first quarter of 2012, including a more intuitive user interface for the enterprise management console.

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