Don't get your knickers in a twist over ID card leaks


Ian Grant writes:


So someone sent Wikileaks a copy of the non-disclosure agreement that the Home Office wants suppliers of the national ID card project to sign. What twisted Phil Booth’s knickers, as boss of anti-ID card activist organisation No2ID, was a clause that Home Secretary Jacqui Smith could send in the cops, apparently without a warrant, to any premises, computer etc used by contractors and subcontracts on the project, to make sure her data was secure. Well, it certainly seems a responsible move on Jacqui’s part.

One hopes that giving the cops the powers of the Spanish Inquisition to arrive unexpectedly would concentrate their minds. If they don’t like it, they needn’t pitch for the business. Phil would get more sympathy from this quarter if he campaigned for everyone to have access to the data that the ID number will be the key to. I’d like to be able to know which brand of tea Jacqui buys from Waitrose, just in case I wanted to invite her over for a chat about privacy. Who wouldn’t?