Can businesses make use of Facebook Messages?

After Facebook announced the introduction of Facebook Messages last week, the idea of the social networking giant creating a communication hub has met mixed views. But does it have a use in enterprise?


“Facebook are not trying to replicate email, they’re trying to create a communication hub. For Google it’s a serious threat,” says Piers Linney, CEO of Outsourcery.

“It’s early days for Facebook. I’m not sure about it being a Gmail killer. But email is in decline. The new generation wants instant forms of messaging. It’s a smart move for Facebook to shift from non-real time to real-time communications. That’s the way the world is going.” 

Linney adds that it will be interesting to see if Facebook Messages will integrate with enterprise applications, such as Microsoft Outlook.


“With such grand ambitions, don’t think that Facebook wants to limit itself to the consumer market. On the contrary, to maintain its growth and dominance, Facebook must also be highly relevant to the enterprise,” says Franklyn Jones, director of EMEA marketing at Palo Alto Networks.

“In the short term, this announcement brings scalability and reach to the Facebook platform, and in the long term it will create the opportunity for businesses to create real-time communication networks with customers, partners and suppliers,” he adds.


Jones has his reservations about Facebook Messages being used as a corporate email platform due to security challenges and the potential for confidential data to be leaked. “It could become the primary application threat vector – an open path for the transmission of a broad range of serious threats – as we have already seen from other web-based email applications,” he adds.

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