360IT: Welsh Assembly commits to provide every business with 100mbs broadband by 2015

Last month, the Welsh Assembly announced a 10-year, multi-million pound programme to bring broadband to Wales with an USO of 100mbs.

Darryn Lewis, IT, telecoms and emerging technologies lead for the Welsh Assembly, told Computer Weekly at the 360IT infrastructure event at Earl’s Court today, Wales is one of the first countries to commit to next-generation broadband with 100mbs.

The Welsh Assembly has secured funding of £30-50m over the next 10 years to deliver a fibre network, called ‘Fibre Speed’. It’s committed to provide every business with fibre broadband infrastructure by 2015.

In North Wales, the infrastructure has also been dug to allow any internet service provider (ISP) to offer its services rather than just BT.

“This allows for choice and brings prices down,” said Lewis.

Lewis said Wales is “jumping ahead of the game.”

“We’ve recognised for Wales to succeed over the next five years, the infrastrucuture available to businesses as well as for social inclusion,” he said.

“It’s going to be an interesting journey over the next four years getting the right model, procurement and consortia,” said Lewis.

Lewis added that supporting ICT industries in Wales is “critical”.