Sharing files - is the cloud secure enough?

When talking to end users about cloud computing, security still raises its ugly head on a very regular basis.  It makes no odds if the basic platform is in reality pretty secure, the perception is that it is not, making organisations hesitant to allow use and work in the cloud as a result. In order to give users peace of mind to adopt the cloud, certain steps need to be taken to bolster basic security measures and give users a tangible and visible classification for cloud security.

The problem with existing security approaches lies in how data is secured. While many cloud file-sharing systems protect documents when they are stored within the solution provider’s siloed network, security often ends there. Because employees need to deal with an ever-expanding value chain of suppliers and customers that reside outside the network perimeter, organisations can no longer contain their employees within the firewall. Existing security approaches do not support these new practices, nor the ever-changing needs of their end users.

In many cases, documents placed in the cloud are valuable, intellectual property of the organisation. These files contain details of new products, product pricing, mergers and acquisitions plans, and other sensitive data. In many cases, the cloud is perceived as the only way individuals can securely access and share sensitive business documents from multiple locations and devices. To ensure the privacy and security of data in the cloud, the data itself must be protected at all times. This means that data should be secured both in-flight and at-rest on all endpoint devices.

One company that is trying to address this security issue is nCrypted Cloud. Unlike many of its competitors, nCrypted Cloud does not ask you for your cloud storage username and password, nor does it store any sensitive information about you. nCrypted Cloud manages the security keys that are involved with the sharing of information within the cloud from outside the actual storage platform. By capturing the data in-transit and using banking-standard encryption technology to protect that data, nCrypted Cloud ensures that data is secured in-flight and at-rest on all devices.

nCrypted Cloud gives users the ability to apply specific security settings to all documents in a folder. Icons located on the top right corner of files and folders visually indicate the security settings applied, allowing users to easily identify the policies set on files and folders.

nCrypted Cloud’s multi-Identity feature gives users the ability to have one personal and many corporate identities. This allows users to store personal and corporate documents on the same cloud storage account, while allowing the respective owners of data separate, but equal, controls. This feature gives companies the ability to easily de-provision and revoke access to corporate documents once an employee leaves without having to directly access the employee’s device. Similarly, employees who have corporate and personal documents stored on the same cloud storage account will not lose access to their personal documents if access to corporate documents is revoked.  

nCrypted Cloud also gives users the additional options to share a file permanently or for a set amount of time. Timed access gives users the ability to set the sharing time for days, or hours. This feature supports the use of basic digital rights management (DRM) practices for corporate information.

nCrypted Cloud’s auditing feature gives users the ability to view all the actions performed on their data through an audit trail. This gives users and organisations the ability to monitor what has been done with their data within the confines of nCrypted Cloud’s reach, providing help in meeting governance risk and compliance (GRC) needs.

Most importantly, nCrypted Cloud gives users the ability to revoke access at any point in time, effective immediately. When access is revoked, it is revoked in its entirety, regardless of where the file or folder was saved or sent.

Cloud-based information is here to stay. For those who require additional levels of security on their cloud data, nCrypted Cloud is well worth a look.


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