Top CIO salaries in government beat the private sector

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Top CIO salaries in the UK public sector are among the best in the world .

Typical CIO salaries in the UK and US are between £100,000 and £200,000. In New York, median CIO salaries tend to be higher than elsewhere in the US, according to PayScale. The median salary in New York is between $150,000 (£91,827) and $250,000 (£153,000), based on a survey sample size of 1,866 individuals.

Online recruitment specialist The IT Job Board said that top tier CIOs in London earn about £170,000. The recruiter is advertising for a London-based IT director/CTO for a multinational company, at a salary of up to £120,000.

Several IT experts working in central government in the UK earn much more.

Joe Harley, CIO at the Department for Work and Pensions, earned up to £270,000 in 2008/9, though it should be remembered that the DWP is the biggest public service delivery department in the UK, with more than 100,000 desktops.

Harley has the task of keeping down costs and joining up anextraordinarily complex web of benefit systems – a task which haseluded the department for more than 30 years.
Before Harley joinedthe department in 2004, he was global CIO for ICI Paints based inLondon and before that IT Vice President for BP.

Last month the Daily Mail reported thatthe employment of Mike Mackay as CIO at the Youth Justice Board cost£351,499 last year, though he is a consultant and part of his salary includes a recruitment agency’s fees.  The Youth Justice Board is a quango which comes under the auspices of the Ministry of Justice.

The Daily Mail’s article attracted 114 comments.

ChristineConnelly, Director General and CIO at the Department of Health, who hassome control over the NHS IT scheme, the NPfIT, earned between £195,000and £200,000 in 2008/9, excluding pension entitlements.

Thiswas more than the Department’s Permanent Secretary Hugh Taylor(£165,000) but less than the Chief Executive David Nicholson who earned£225,000 to £230,000, excluding net taxable benefits of £25,100.

SteveLamey, a former CIO at HM Revenue and Customs, who was promoted withinthe Department to Commissioner and Director General, Benefits andCredits, earned £235,000 to £240,000 in 2008/9.

When Lamey’s four-year contract expired in 2008, his appointmentat HMRC was made permanent. He has taken a pay cut since his first full year asHMRC’s CIO in 2005/6. So he now earns about £10,000-£20,000 less than he didthree years ago.


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