The NPfIT without Richard Granger - "more scary"

GP Mary Hawking writes in response to the blog entry “Whitehall has no firm plans to replace Richard Granger or conduct unrestricted review of National NPfIT“:

“If there is to be no appointment to replace Richard Granger [Director General of NHS IT], how is Connecting for Health [which runs part of the National Programme for IT [NPfIT] going to be managed?

From the Department of Health point of view, NLOP [NPfIT Local Ownership Programme] may well mean “No longer our problem” – but someone other than the local service providers, with their financial penalties for strategic health authorities who don’t fulfill their obligations on purchase volume, needs to be in control.

The thought of this juggernaut being without a driver is even more scary than when it had a driver but no controls..


Whitehall appoints top-level executives who could provide some of the skills of the outgoing Director General of NHS IT Richard Granger.

Replacing Richard Granger as head of the NHS’s £12.4bn National Programme for IT – how much does it matter to the government who it is?

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