The NPfIT summed up 6 years on?

Six years after the launch of the NHS’s National Programme for IT, two comments to the excellent site E-Health Insider seem to sum up the entire scheme better even than the 40-page Informatics Review which was announced yesterday.

The first comment was about the promised “strategic” NPfIT product Lorenzo, which was due to be offered to trusts in England, except in London and the south, by CSC. There are four levels of Lorenzo promised. But Trusts are still waiting for the first version. This was one of the posts on the E-Health Insider site:

LORENZO Level 4?
11 Jul 08 10:51
Can someone tell me what LORENZO Level 4 is please?

LORENZO Release 3 has not been designed yet – so what is LORENZO Level 4?

The second comment sums up the NPfIT six years on from its launch, about £4bn having been spent so far  …

     “Anyone in charge here?
      11 Jul 08 14:03

What a planning nightmare for trusts this is.

I and others working around NPfIT have fantasies about the existence of the following two documents…

1. A single document equivalent to the Output Based Specifications (2003) [I know it was three pdfs] – outlining what functionality is to be delivered by the program: taking into account subsequent scope revisions, contract change notices and changes in contracted suppliers.

2. A document outlining the functionality of each of the Local Service Provider major system’s versions / Levels / ‘R’ values and whether they are deployed, deployable, firm deliverables (with expected dates) or aspirational.

I have contact with Local Service Providers, National Service Providers, first and second level suppliers and Connecting for Health officials. My guess is that such information is not being systematically withheld – it just does not exist in one place or in one group’s hands. Meanwhile conflicting ‘definitive’ statements, rumours and speculation masquerading as information circulate.

Great though [the E-Health Insider] site is – it would be great to hear something other than “The first we heard of it was on e-Health Insider” from NPfIT players.” 


E-Health Insider – 10 July 2008

Informatics Review – Department of Health website  

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