The DVD Jacqui Smith is proud of

The Home Office has commissioned a promotional film on ID Cards, which has been professionally produced, complete with its own music.

It cleverly depicts ID Cards as if they were a range of luxury perfumes or designer suits.

It was shown to a select group of business leaders earlier this month, during a presentation on ID Cards by the Home Secretary Jacqui Smith. The Home Office wants business leaders to invest in technology that will enable high street retailers to collect fingerprints and digital photos for ID Cards and passports, and help citizens apply for them.

It is unclear, though, whether the cost of the film is justified, given that the Conservatives may win the next General Election and scrap ID Cards.

Says the film’s voiceover:

“Identity what does it mean? Sometimes it’s about individuality, to say that you are you. .. at other times it’s a lock to protect the things we value… that makes life easier for businesses and for people.”

The ID Card is “based on the features that everyone already has, that’s completely individual. And proves who is who in an instant,  that can prevent thousands of ID thefts,  and save businesses millions in ID security … A proof of identity that’s so secure it can even be used as a passport anywhere in Europe.

“Soon that’s the choice that will be available to everyone in Britain. The most secure, the most convenient way to say that you are you. Identity. At your fingertips”. 

Where do I queue up for one?


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