Terry Walton, recently retired head of IT at an acute NHS trust, asks "Does anyone care any more?"

Terry Walton, retired head of IT at an acute hospital trust, writes to us about the NHS’s National Programme for IT [NPfIT].

“Back in November, we were told that the National Programme would reach 120 installations of patient administration systems by the end of March 2007 [more delays likely in PAS rollout]

“Has anyone bothered to check this out? Did they mean Acute Trusts? How many Acute Trusts now have a working National Programme for IT Patient Administration System, excluding Queen Mary’s Sidcup who have to take theirs out and replace it with Cerner, which Milton Keynes don’t appear to like very much.

“How much money has been given to the Local Service Providers in total to date? How much of this money is actually paying for working systems and what has the rest been for? How much has the NPfIT organisation itself consumed in salaries for the oh so clever people who have managed to deliver what they have over the last four years, and on legal fees for solicitors creating contracts and new negotations on aspects of the same to reschedule the deliverables?

“Does anyone care any more?”