Summary Care Record roll-out continues in 20 PCT areas

I put some questions to NHS Connecting for Health in the light of its decision to halt the upload of summary care records in some PCT areas.


How many PCTs are rolling out SCRs that are not subject to accelerated Patient Information Programmes?

Connecting for Health: 20

Does the suspension have anything to do with the fact that the business case for the SCR hasn’t yet been approved by the Treasury?

CfH: This is not related to the business case, which is in the process of being approved.

What does “accelerated” mean?

CfH: ‘Accelerated’ refers to PCTs who undertook Public Information Programmes in 2010 under a regionally coordinated approach.

What does the suspension mean – that GP practices in the acceleratedareas are no longer uploading summary medical details to the Spine? Whatabout GP practices in other areas? Will they continue to uploadrecords?

CfH: In some PCTs, for example the early adopterPCTs and those PCTs who had already created Summary Care Records,records are continuing to be uploaded. Of the 70 PCT’s PublicInformation Programmes, at this stage the majority are focusing on thepublic awareness phase and only9 PCTs have planned uploads of records. We are continuing to workto ensure that appropriate professional and public awareness has beenraised.

What will happen in London? CfH had announced that theSCRwas being rolled out across London by March 2011. Has this stopped?

CfH:The SCR is continuing in London. As per the above answer we arecontinuing to work to ensure that appropriate professional and publicawareness has been raised.


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