Pulse magazine launches campaign over the NHS's National Programme for IT

GP magazine Pulse has launched a campaign to “prevent the National Programme for IT from lurching further into chaos”.

“We are demanding the Government calls a halt to Choose and Book – at least in its current form – before any more millions are wasted,” says the magazine.

It wants ministers to “address GPs’ concerns over confidentiality by introducing explicit patient consent for sharing of electronic care records, as exists in Scotland”. And they ust “guarantee that only patient data that has been fully anonymised will be made available for research purposes”.

Pulse is drawing up a petition, writing to every MP and seeking an early day motion.

(access to Pulse requires registration)

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Primary and secondary care relationships, built up over decades are being destroyed. Patients almost never want an appointment miles away even if it may come a few weeks sooner. Especially a surgical appointment. They want their local hospital 90% of the time.