Not all Fujitsu's fault

There has been some criticism by NHS users of the Fujitsu helpdesk. But a blog reader writes:

“Has anyone mentioned the disaster that was the NHS CfH contract? A national support desk that received little to none of the support materials it was meant to.  A contract that was never paid for by the NHS due to the famous ‘under delivery’ comments that can’t go unmentioned in relation to the NPfIT. Fujitsu delivered, but unfortunately we were restrained by the information chokehold by competitors in relation to faults with their software/hardware.

“This was yet another part of NPfIT that was dated and not very well thought out IMHO; and another good reason for Fujitsu to cut its ties.”


This was the original plan for the national programme helpdesk, according to an NPfIT document:

“It is clear that, in order to present an end-to-end picture of performance across NPfIT services and deliver an efficient long-term service to customers (either end-users or local service desks), a form of professional front line support is required.

“Developing and sustaining this function in-house is not seen as core business and the NHS wishes to take advantage of the skills and technologies available in the marketplace for such services.

“The NPfIT Front Line Service Support (FLSS) Project has therefore been created as the vehicle through which a long term FLSS solution can be delivered.


The broad requirement is for one or more providers to provide professional front line support and, where required, wider service management services for NPfIT, Local Service Provider (LSP) and Central Service Provider services. This includes, inter alia:

• all services currently supported by the NPfIT National Service Desk (NSD)

• all deployed NPfIT services (including all NASP and centrally provided NPfIT


• those planned to be delivered (or otherwise procured) under the ongoing NPfIT


• any current/existing systems that may be replaced over time by NPfIT

systems/services and the users of each of these

• any LSP and Central Service Provider systems

• any existing supplier provided systems that require NPfIT infrastructure

• potentially, and under a framework to be negotiated, any other NHS help desk supported system/service (this could include systems supported by any of the current 700 plus local help desks, including potentially non-IT systems)


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