NPfIT minister's to do list?

A  comment by an anonymous reader sounds authoritative. The comment is in response to the Government’s announcement that more than £6bn will have been spent on the NPfIT by the end of the 2009/10 financial year. 

The writer says:

Mike O’Brien to do list:

1) Take over-ambitious and hideously complex IT project and split responsibility for delivering it across various departments/heads

2) Claim your own departments targets have been met

3) If they haven’t:

a. Pass budgetary costs to subsidiary departments and blame them/department heads for failing to reach targets

b. Siphon any other costs into ‘Capital Charges’ black hole

4) Claim project is on target

5) Wait to be moved away as head of NPfIT to ensure a lack of clear accountability. Some time in 2010 sounds plausible.


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