NPfIT may evolve into open market says iSoft

iSoft sees opportunities in a UK change of government, says its CEO Gary Cohen

Isoft CEO Gary Cohen has told investors what a change of UK government would mean for the company.

He said iSoft would be able to:

• Directly manage customers’ migration from existing systems to Lorenzo
• Build on existing direct relationships with customers
• Upgrade customers’ existing systems
• Contribute to a strategy to gradually replace existing systems with Lorenzo

He was speaking in Sydney Australia on 30 September 2009 on iSOFT’s FY09 results. He said the UK National Programme for IT may “evolve into an open market”.

He said that the NHS south of England – which was to have received only the Cerner Millennium system – was already benefiting from iSoft. He added that iSoft is on track to deliver on Lorenzo timelines.

The UK and Ireland are by far the biggest markets for iSoft:

iSoft turnover:

UK & Ireland – $305.3m
Continental Europe – $142.8m
ANZ – $63m
Asia, Middle East & Africa – $27.7m

iSoft lists its main competitors as


– Cerner


– CompuGROUP

The global e-health initiatives, according to iSoft:

£12.7bn NPfIT health IT spending program, servicing 60% of the UK National Health Service

€10bn EHR programme in France

Gulf region spends US £14bn on healthcare projects.

Planned US $20bn investment in US health IT infrastructure

Australian government’s A$1.8bn e-Health package