NPfIT consultant earned a year off

Thank you to Richard Hind for letting me know about his former colleague who worked on the NPfIT for a year as a consultant.

“The following year he didn’t have to work, and travelled the world. While he wouldn’t discuss the project he made it clear how incredibly well paid he had been for some fairly basic project management work. It makes you wonder what people have made out of this project,” writes Richard.

I don’t know how much consultants have been paid since the NPfIT began but Connecting for Health responded to an FOI request by giving details of payments of about £150m spent on NPfIT consultantcy companies in the two years 2005-2007, which excludes any of the money spent on the main national and local service provider contracts.

There are of course benefits for taxpayers from the work of the consultants; we just need to be very patient.


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