NHS IT programme at risk even if technically sound?

At a conference on the NHS’s National Programme for IT [NPfIT] Robin Guenier concluded in a speech that the success of the programme is at risk even if it is technically sound.

Guenier’s speech at the 4th annual Successful Implementation of NPfIT 2007 conference in Kensington on 6 February 2007 was well received among enthusiasts as well as sceptics of the NPfIT.

Guenier is the chairman of the Medicine and Health Panel of the Information Technologists Company, formerly the Worshipful Company of Information Technologists. He is also chairman of Medix UK, an online market researcher, which has conducted several surveys on the views of doctors on the NPfIT. He was giving a personal view on the NPfIT.

His speech contained some astute observations on the common causes of IT failure. His slides – here – are on the wiki of the 23 academics who have called for an independent review of the NPfIT.

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