NHS IT in the stone age?

Chris Lancelot, a GP in Lancashire and a columnist for HealthcareRepublic.com, says that England would benefit from a secure system allowing doctors to access patients’ prescriptions, allergies and basic medical information.

But he says that “those in charge are spending colossal sums of money – £12.7 billion at the latest estimate – to deliver … well, nothing very much”.

He adds: “Is there really no one in the NHS with the wisdom and guts to stand up and say, ‘Stop! Let’s go about this more sensibly’?”

“…If there are two truths about NPfIT they are these: we desperately need a nationwide NHS IT system; and the present method is not the way to do it…Don’t forget the unseen drain here: the medical software companies have had to divert large amounts of time and money in making their systems conform to Connecting for Health’s (CfH’s) plans and diktats – resources that could more profitably have been spent in developing the functionality of their existing systems.”

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