Letter from 79 doctors, nurses and secretaries over go-live of NHS IT system

This is a letter signed by 79 doctors, nurses and secretaries at Milton Keynes General Hospital regarding the implementation of a Care Records Service under the NHS’s National Programme for IT [NPfIT].

Milton Keynes is one of five NHS sites to go live with the Cerner Millennium-based Care Records Service. The system is due to be rolled out to NHS sites across Southern England.

A full blog entry on the implementation is here.

The letter:

We are doctors, nurses and secretaries at Milton Keynes General Hospital. From our early experience of the new Care Records Service computer system [it] is not fit for purpose.

In spite of heroic efforts from our IT staff and from the installing company, start up glitches have been unacceptable and particularly bad in outpatient clinics. More seriously the software is so clunky, awkward and unaccommodating that we cannot foresee the system working adequately in a clinical context.

In our opinion it is should not be installed in any further hospitals.

If it is not already too late there is a strong argument for withdrawing the Care Records Service system from this hospital.