Is Fujitsu's withdrawal from NPfIT good news?

The writer of a respected US healthcare IT blog has questioned the credibility of a claim by a UK minister, Baroness Thornton, that Fujitsu’s leaving the NHS’s National Programme for IT [NPfIT] is a sign of the scheme’s strength.

HIStalk was following up our article on a short debate in the House of Lords on the NPfIT.   

HIStalk says:

“A UK government minister with a glass-half-full perspective says that the roster of vendors pulling out of NPfIT, most recently Fujitsu, is actually great news. ‘The fact that Fujitsu’s contract was terminated is in fact a sign of the programme’s strength. The programme is still on course and our contractors are not paid until they have delivered. In that sense, no money has been lost.’ Expressing a preference to keep the project money rather than have vendors meet deliverables suggests that NPfIT was a bad idea in the first place, not that politicians are the best source of astute analysis.”


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