Identity and Passport Service director: Why we?re going public on IT projects we didn?t get right

Bernard Herdan, Executive Director of Service Delivery for the Identity and Passport Service, has explained why he has taken the unusual step – probably unprecedented in government – of publishing a report on the lessons learned and mistakes made on his agency’s key IT projects.

An article on Computer Weekly’s interview with Herdan is on our website – here.

A Computer Weekly editorial on the new-found openess at the Identity and Passport Service is here.

Shortly this blog will have MP3 excerpts from Herdan’s interview with Computer Weekly and:

– A summary of the mistakes and the main lessons from three key projects that went live at the Identity and Passport Service last year.

– Herdan’s key comments – a transcript

– An opinion piece on Herdan’s comments and the general unwillingness in Whitehall to go public with lessons learned from IT based projects