ID v2.0 - the ConDem Pitch

Want to know how the Identity Scheme will look under the ConDems?
Mydex, the company providing the technology for the government pilots* spelled out the vision for ConDem ID v2.0 at Socitm 2010.
We recorded the pitch. You can hear it using the podomatic player below.
The Cabinet Office tells us it dusted off the Crosby report for the occasion. Crosby said in 2008 that if the government wanted a  sensible ID scheme it should leave it for citizens to sort it out themselves with the private sector. Be done with this big brother database, said Crosby between the lines. So the government kicked his report into the long grass. And it seemed like we’d never hear of it again… 
Until the  28 August, when the coalition government  certified its commitment to a liberal identity scheme in the Official Journal of the European Journal.
It called for companies who can furnish people with a proof of identity the government can use to deliver them services. It wanted ideas for the…
“…establishment of the provenance of identity, verification of a person against an identity, verification of the authority to conduct the transaction, validation of personal data related to the identity, fraud prevention, malware prevention, and assurance of appropriate security when accessing a public service through all channel types including but not limited to online and telephony.”
The DWP’s Tell Us Once is taking the lead on this. The idea is after all to allow people to look after their own personal data, instead of having the government do it for you, or to you. Just as Crosby recommended. How extraordinary it now seems that it may have been any other way.
Jerry Fishenden, the LSE fellow and Cameronean think-tank compadre, says these plans are so old they go back to the December 2000  plan for an E-government Authentication Framework.
The US has since  leapt ahead with the same ideas. They’ll probably be doing our ID systems for us before long.
Fishenden’s written a  paper about what the yanks are doing and why we’re now doing it too: it’s called The Obama Effect, apparently.
* being run the the DWP, HMRC and Brent, Croydon and Windsor & Maidenhead Councils