How far has NHS IT come in 7 years?

A slide shown at the HC2007 Healthcare IT conference at Harrogate suggests that NHS IT has travelled a circular route in seven years.

The following table is based on the slide compiled by consultancy Silicon Bridge. It shows that in 2000 NHS trusts were required to produce local implementation strategies to explain their plans for IT. And now, in 2007, under the National Programme for IT Local Ownership Programme, trusts are again being asked to produce local implementation strategies.

Evolution of NHS IT Strategy

1998:Frank Burns launched Information for Health, an NHS IT strategy that included plans for electronic patient records

2000:Local Implementation Strategies (LIS)

2001: Greek Temple of Integration

2002: Health Minister Lord Hunt announces birth of the NHS National Programme for IT [NPfIT]

2002: McKinsey Survey [which identified 27 potential vendors for the NPfIT]

2003:Sir John Patterson [who said the NPfIT would be completed in 2 years 9 months]

2006:National Audit Office report on the NPfIT

2006:NPfIT Local Ownership Programme

2007:Lord Hunt rejoins the NHS as health minister (Re-birth of NPfIT)

2007:Local Implementation Strategies (again)