Government 2010 today

On a panel I’m chairing today on making the web more inclusive are Stephen Hilton of Bristol City Council, John Shewell of Brighton and Hove City Council and Anthony Zacharzewski of the Democratic Society.

It’s at 3pm – 4.15 pm. There’s a live stream of the conference (registration required).

Government 2010

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I do hope hope someone looks at the Social Inclusion of the blind in this debate(Government 2010 Today)I have submitted comments to the current enquiry by the Parlimentary Select Committee posted on the 17th Sept 09 into World Class Commissioning in relation to Ophthamology Patients who appear to be missing out on everything.With an ageing population things can only get worse if no action is taken.Digital Britain might just be the answer.

I agree completely. One of the best things yesterday at Government 2010

was the panel on the internet social inclusion which I was fortunate enough to chair. More than 10 million people don't have a computer or use the web.

Access to the web by the disadvantaged needs to be high on he agenda of this and the next government. It's not just a question of money, in terms of savings or spending. Government needs to take a moral stance.