Fujitsu supports NPfIT Cerner sites until 28 November

Milton Keynes Primary Care Trust reports that the Department of Health has signed a short-term contract for Fujitsu to support hospital sites where the Cerner Millennium Care Records Service has gone live until 28 November 2008

A paper to the Milton Keynes Trust board, dated 31 July 2008, says: “

“The Connecting for Health contract with Fujitsu to supply patient systems to the Southern SHAs was terminated in May 2008. A new short-term contract has been signed with Fujitsu to cover the live Cerner Millenium sites, including Milton Keynes, until 28th November 2008.

“Negotiations are in progress with BT to take over the contract for the live sites from
November until new arrangements are in place to deliver a full programme of patient
systems to the three south SHAs.

“Risks to the PCT of the delays and uncertainties have been identified. In essence the agreed upgrade programme for Cerner Millenium needs to be completed to deliver 18 week wait support, direct booking and system improvements and solutions need to be identified for Community, Child Health and Mental Health to replace outdated legacy systems.”



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