Fujitsu settlement of NPfIT dispute unlikely in next year, says Cerner

Techmarketview quotes NPfIT supplier Cerner, a subcontractor to BT, as being disappointed with the performance of its global business in 2009. Cerner, with its “Millennium” system,  is one of two main suppliers of the delayed NPfIT Care Records Service.

Says Techmarketview:

“The analyst conference call revealed another interesting snippet for followers of NPfIT’s trials and tribulations: Cerner has reclassified a receivable due from Fujitsu following the termination of its contract with NPfIT in the South of England to ‘other long term asset’ because it believes a resolution of the dispute between Fujitsu and the NHS is ‘unlikely to occur in the next 12 months‘.”

“Cerner still expects to fully collect the sum but the timing, like much in the UK healthcare market at the moment, is uncertain.”

It’s highly unlikely the dispute will be settled in the foreseeable future. The Government doesn’t take its major suppliers to open court hearings, though it’s conceivable that Fujitsu would sue the government. More likely there will be an out-of-court settlement – but that may take years to reach.


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