Fujitsu in 2007 "We're in NPfIT to stay"

After suggestions in 2007 that Fujitsu might not remain as a local service provider on the National Programme for IT I formally asked the company: “Will Fujitsu be a local service provider to the NHS in six months time?” That was in September 2007.

The reply … “Fujitsu confirms it’s in NPfIT to stay.” It added: “Our commitment to delivering better healthcare for all continues with the work we are undertaking with the Southern Programme for IT.”

There’s nothing like experience to cure optimism. 



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So what will happen to those Fujitsu staffs that worked on this programme? Guess they will have to be looking elsewhere for new jobs.

I worked for fujitsu for 2yrs (contracting, permanent & contracting again) and in March 2008, they lost a contract to another rival, which meant some of the permanent staffs had to transfer through TUPE or else lose their job and find somewhere else. I was affected although was a contractor but luckily I was hoping to leave initially after being with them for almost a year.