Eleven statements that may be early warnings of an IT-related project failure

(based on years of chronicling dozens of IT-related project failures)

1) “It’s after all the biggest project of its kind.”

2) “So milestones have been put back a few times, objectives have changed, and perhaps undue importance has been ascribed to secondary benefits, but that’s not seeing the achievements in context.”

3) “No serious difficulties just teething problems.”

4) “We always welcome criticism if it’s constructive.”

5) “Turnover of team leaders is very low, considering.”

6) “It’s an exaggeration to say that when we’re asked how things are going, we talk about how they will be in future.”

7) “No, the project isn’t sinking. It’s important to look at the specifics, such as what hardware and software to choose. That’s the big picture taken care of.”

8) “We don’t need stop-go decisions on this project. There’s no question of stopping.”

9) “There’s nothing to be gained from an independent review.”

10) “We’re within the [latest] budget.”

11) “Who looks after press inquiries?”

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