EMIS to rescue the NPfIT Summary Care Record scheme?

EMIS was once regarded by NPfIT officials an outsider to the NHS IT scheme.

Now NHS Connecting for Health is announcing, with customary understatement, that a “major breakthrough” has been achieved with the “full roll-out approval of the EMIS LV system for the Summary Care Record programme”.

CfH says that EMIS LV is used by about 45 per cent of GP practices inEngland and the Summary Care Record implementation team will now beginworking with those primary care trusts using the EMIS system.

Will EMIS rescue the Summary Care Record scheme? There are a few hurdles yet.


CFH’s announcement:

Major milestone achieved for Summary Care Record programme

A major breakthrough has been made with full roll out approval of the EMIS LV system for the Summary Care Record programme.

EMIS LV is used by about 45 per cent of GP practices in England and theSummary Care Record (SCR) implementation team will now begin workingwith those primary care trusts (PCTs) using the EMIS system.

James Hawkins, the SCR Programme Director, said: “This milestoneprovides a catalyst for a significant shift in pace and momentum in therollout of SCR nationally for those NHS Trusts implementing SCRsthrough EMIS LV. The news is also good for patients. It has been a longtime coming but we can get on with the job of rolling out.”

Lea Taylor, the SCR EMIS Release Manager, added: “This was a great teameffort right across NHS CFH, the NHS and EMIS to secure approval overwhat was an intense 45-day period.

“This follows the first successful uploading of SCRs at an EMISpractice earlier this summer at West Heath Surgery in South Birmingham.We’ve been monitoring our first of type sites and everyone is now fullysatisfied we can move on and fully link into the roll out of SCRsacross England.”

The first three PCTs that will go live with EMIS LV will be South Birmingham, Dorset and Somerset.

SCR Clinical Director Gillian Braunold said: “I am delighted that EMISLV is now available to be implemented nationally. This will enableproper planning for SCR roll out as we now are technically able tocreate an SCR for the majority of the population.”

There are currently 360,000 patients benefiting from Summary CareRecords and these have been created by systems from ISoft, TPP, INPS aswell as EMIS.

ISoft’s Synergy system and TPP’s SystmOne have also received full rollout approval and INPS’s Vision system has achieved limited roll outapproval.

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