EDS on the BSkyB case "the people involved were exited"

Craig Wilson, who’s managing director and vice managing director and vice president of HP Enterprise Services, says that the BSkyB case against EDS is a “bit like yesterday’s chip paper”.

Wilson manages EDS which was taken over by HP in August 2008. He was interviewed by CIO UK which asked him what he made of the BSkyB case.

“It’s a bit like yesterday’s chip paper at EDS,” he said. “The whole IT industry was in the middle of year 2000 [when the disputed agreement was made]. It was ‘go, go’ and it was crackers, the end of the dot-coms period. The people involved were exited even before EDS was a glint in HP’s eye. We’re obviously pleased that of the five matters raised, the judge rejected four of them.”

He confirmed that the ruling is not a landmark decision. He said the notion that it was came from a “slightly frenzied” legal community.

“The IT industry of 2000 is not the IT industry of 2010. Wehave far more controls in place. There is very close scrutiny ofanything that is going to the client. It has been transformed by allcomparison. Clients are much more sophisticated ordering in standardways. That wasn’t the case in 2000 [and] the maturity is irreversible.”

On the question of what a new government will do on IT, Wilson suggested that projects will stop – but after a period of sober reflection, would spending resume?

“The characteristic of new governments is stopping things so projects will stop and for the remainder of the year after the election our business will be flat or negative [in the public sector].

“If you’re a new minister coming in you need [the support generated by] primary legislation so inevitably there will be a hiatus. Then there’s a period of sober reflection when they realise just cutting things is not going to be enough to get things done. Different agendas will lead to new IT opportunities.”


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