Don't sign new NPfIT deals before election, warn Tories

To the news that health minister Mike O’Brien is seeking urgently to sign new deals within four weeks with NPfIT local service providers CSC and BT, Stephen O’Brien, the Conservative shadow health minister told File on 4 researchers:

“We are very concerned  at what we are hearing: that the government is currently seeking to reset the current central [NPfIT local service provider] contracts with an end date with the current providers of March 2010 .

“This is in advance of what we believe to be the most likely general election date and we are urging the government not to go down that route because we wouldn’t want any further  contractual arrangements to be committed to, by, say, the end of March.”

File on 4: You think the current government might be trying to tie a future government’s hands?

O’Brien:”All I can say is that we have heard that there is a process which isintended to complete by the end of March which, if it is what we’veheard, and I can say no more than that, that would have the effect ofpotentially tying a future government’s hands more rigidly than alreadyunder the current contracts.

“… I think it’s fair warning andfair notice that we would certainly take a very dim view were we toform the next government to find that a previous government had soughtto do just that… I hope this [warning] will be heard loudly in the circlesnecessary in government .” 


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