Don't scrap NHS IT project

Writing in today’s Guardian, Vic Lane, a visiting professor of health informatics at London South Bank University, responds to an article by Andy Beckett [system failure?]. Lane says that Beckett’s article on the £12.7bn NPfIT was “too negative”.

Lane writes:

“…’Should the IT project be scrapped?’ No! Let’s keep the gains, such as ‘Choose & Book’, which patients like because it allows them to organise their first hospital appointment.

“President Obama has recently committed $19.2bn for EPR systems in the US. The Americans appear to think it is worth striving for aims similar to those in the NHS project.

“[Richard] Granger resigned two years ago, leaving a good foundation. Perhaps the new management can bring the IT programme to a successful completion. ‘No other country has managed to connect up its health-care systems,’ says Beckett. Can England be the first?”


Lane’s article

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