Cover-up allegations after Cerner installation

There are allegations of a cover-up and mismanagement in Illinois after officials bought a $16.1m billing system from Cerner for Chicago’s Public Health department.

The claims are that officials did not bill for money owed to them and, as a result, lost millions in state funding, which led to staff being sacked and thousands of patients being shut out of care.

It appears that the problems were more due to mismanagement of the system by officials rather than any specific fault of the Cerner system. Which could help to explain the allegations of a cover-up.

It’s unfortunate that some Cerner implementations are becoming associated with cover-up allegations. My FOI request to Barts about its Cerner system has been acknowledged; and Barts has told me it is taking extra time to consider my request but I have had no information yet, although my request is now about six weeks old.

Homerton, a Cerner site, is remarkably secretive about its Board discussions on Cerner; and there have been claims of censorship of criticisms of Cerner in Australia.

It could be that Cerner’s success in the public sector market means it is bound to get some flak when projects go wrong. Or it could be that its wish for confidentiality will hinder the full truth emerging when things do go wrong.

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