Court awards BSkyB £70m and defers decision on HP's appeal

The High Court yesterday ordered HP to pay BSkyB a further £70m in damages and interest, on top of £200m interim damages already awarded.

It means that Sir Vivian Ramsey, the judge in the case of BSkyB versus EDS has ordered HP, EDS’s owner, to pay a total of £270m to BSkyB. But the judge gave no immediate decision on HP’s request for permission to appeal. He’ll give his decision in writing.

Nobody will be surprised if the judge rejects HP’s request for an appeal.

After spending nearly 18 months working on his 468-page judgment, the judge may see the document as having left no legal gaps through which HP could appeal. If the court rejects HP’s appeal request, lawyers for the supplier would probably appeal directly to the Court of Appeal.

The next hearing is on 23 April.

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