Confidential HMRC "Quantum" papers on cost-cutting plan

Confidential papers on Project Quantum, a plan to cut costs at HM Revenue Customs by at least £205m a year, have reached me.

The papers are the joint works of HM Revenue and Customs, Capgemini and Fujitsu, the three main partners in the Aspire contract.

This is what some of the papers say about Project Quantum:

“Aspire has been fully engaged with IMS [information management solutions – part of HMRC] trying to meet the three Quantum objectives since early April.

“During [this] time the nature of the challenge and potential for solutions has clarified.

“Aspire is absolutely committed to continue the journey to deliver success for HMRC on Quantum.

“We have no doubt that the most expedient route to success will be mutual collaboration.

“We sincerely trust we are able to conclude a mutually acceptable way forward.

“Where we are

“Together we now believe we can achieve >£205m saving – this is balanced across price, volume and changes to ways of working

“Successis predicated upon complex dependencies – so any arrangement has to betreated as a bundle. Many things need to be done in parallel – needdo-ability check when choices [are] clear.

“We need to createheadroom to fund essential change – neither HMRC or [sic] Aspire hasadditional cash to do this. We believe there is a solution but itcomplicates the dependencies. Early savings drive investment pot forsubsequent work. Timing [is] critical again.

“This remainsextremely complex and there is still more refinement to do. Final sensecheck between all parties [is] needed, particularly in the area ofCCN600 and its application.” [CCN600 was the change notice related to aprevious bout of cost-cutting known as the ‘Aspire Challenge’.]


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