Computer Weekly contributes to Channel 4's "Dispatches" broadcast on Monday

A political documentary to be broadcast on Monday evening, 24 September, on Channel 4 was filmed in part at the offices of Computer Weekly.

In the documentary, “Nice Work If You Can Get It”, author and broadcast journalist Peter Oborne examines whether a new political class is putting its own interests above those of the electorate, and acting out its own agendas free of scrutiny.

The Dispatches programme asked me about the role of the National Audit Office which scrutinizes government spending and is supposed to be free of political interference.

In 1780 Commissioners for Auditing the Public Accounts were appointed by statute, and today’s equivalent, the National Audit Office, enjoys an independence affirmed by its being answerable only to Parliament, not to ministers.

But Computer Weekly provided evidence to Dispatches that the National Audit Office was not always free of government pressure.

This is Channel 4’s press release on the documentary:

“Politicians; is it one rule for us and another for them? Political journalist Peter Oborne examines the emergence of a new political class that appears to pursue its own interests above that of the country and the British people. Oborne investigates if MPs and politicians in this class are hiding behind the laws they create and how they have succeeded in neutering the watchdogs set up to monitor their behaviour. Is the real division in British politics not between rival political parties but between an arrogant and self-interested political class and ordinary voters? Oborne asks if this self interest and secrecy is damaging the very heart of our democracy

Nice Work If You Can Get is at 8pm on 24 September on Channel 4.


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