Budget? There wasn't one says new SRO who blew whistle on C-Nomis

Today’s National Audit Office report on the C-Nomis project includes a comment from the project’s replacement senior responsible owner (SRO) in 2007. “I knew we had problems when I asked for the budget and was told there wasn’t one.”

The NAO has written a very clear, revealing and penetrating report on C-Nomis. As the NAO says, there was a vacuum of leadership. But it is much worse than that, and the NAO report explains why.

Where was the Office of Government Commerce which argues that gateway reviews are successful in trapping flawed projects? The answer is that the OGC gave some good advice on the C-Nomis project, but because it was secret hardly anyone knew of it, and those who did ignored or sidelined it.

What is the point of the OGC if it’s not taken seriously by government departments and agencies?

No wonder the OGC is such a strong advocate of Government IT secrecy


Report on C-Nomis – NAO website

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